Piping installation

SteelMarconstruct: Mounting of rigid pipes and fittings; Joint fittingsSteelMarconstruct: Mounting of rigid pipes and fittings; Joint fittings

Pipe fitting to ships under construction or repair in the shipyard.

Mounting of rigid pipes and fittings; Junction fittings that serve to assemble the pipes together, with the shut-off and adjustment devices or hydraulic machines and working fluid storage tanks; The shaped parts of the piping used for branching, connecting or steering changes; Fittings for regulating or interrupting fluid circulation; Hydraulic machines that serve to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy; Mechanical machines serving to transmit mechanical energy in the projected form and direction; Transmissions and devices for driving the operation of machines, mechanisms, closures and other elements of on-board installations; Measuring, functional and signaling apparatus; Storage tanks, consumer tanks and other containers or tanks; Supports for fixing the tubes and fittings to structural elements of the ship's body; Expansion and compressor compressors.

Once the pipes have been assembled, they are visually inspected and with special instruments to measure. It is particularly important to see if the dimensions and configuration of the route are in accordance with the project and if all the supports are installed.

SteelMarconstruct conducts pipe fitting STEEL, CUPPER, CUNIPRESS and PLASTIC

Steel Marconstruct performs aggregate links through ERMETO, INOX, including Iron. It also performs COPPER, CUNIPRESS and PLASTIC assembly.

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