Sc Steel Marconstruct - About us


STEEL MARCONSTRUCT was established in 2016 as a limited liability company and private capital, having its headquarters in Tulcea County, 6, Engineer Dumitru Ivanov Street, Iberom Bussines building, ground floor, room 6. The company is registered with the Trade Register At number: J36 / 271 / 13.06.2016 and has the fiscal code RO36198490.   

The founder of the firm is SELA Georgian.

The main activity of the company is the manufacture of metal constructions and parts of metallic structures (CAEN code 2511), and the main business partners are SC VARD TULCEA SA, SC VARD ACCOMMODATION, SC TUBSLOB SRL and SC IZONAVMAR SRL.

Technical and technological resources

SC STEEL MARCONSTRUCT SRL has adequate resources to be able to demonstrate that the services are carried out according to its objectives regarding quality and timing.

SC STEEL MARCONSTRUCT SRL has equipment, equipment specific to shipbuilding and means of transport and has an infrastructure that allows its activities to be carried out in conformity with its requirements. The industrial production base has the capabilities and facilities necessary for the construction of the vessel-specific tubular installations.

Human resources

SC STEEL MARCONSTRUCT SRL has 140 employees working in shifts and is divided into 3 workstations: Warehouse, Assembly and Supports. Covering the whole day of the day and throughout the week, the company's work is done on time and in accordance with the project parameters.

STEEL MARCONSTRUCT employees have experience at the Vard, Kleven, Damen, SNC yards especially in the field of piping and have qualification qualifications for Naval Tubules, Welders, Locksmiths and Shipbuilding.

Working standards

SC STEEL MARCONSTRUCT SRL is a dynamic company, eager to consolidate its position on the market segment by acting through works whose reference point is QUALITY. The fact that the company is currently carrying out works for representative beneficiaries internationally shows that the direction towards which it is developing is the right one.

The activity of SC STEEL MARCONSTRUCT SRL is carried out under the conditions of a permanent concern for the protection of the environment and the full safety of the people in their actions.

At present alignment with the requirements of the European directives on health and safety at work and the concern to ensure safety conditions for employees, clients, contractors and other stakeholders have led us to implement a health and safety management system - certified by an accredited body.


For the future SC STEEL MARCONSTRUCT SRL aims to develop at a sustained and continuous pace by expanding the field of activity and continuously improving the efficiency of the basic processes in order to increase the performance of the services rendered.

The company has a recognized shipbuilding team for quality service and reliability. We have built a reference name and we are prepared to meet the challenges of the market segment that we are activating through a large number of components:

- quality thanks to the technical team we have;

- the attention we listen to our customers to ensure that their requirements are determined and fulfilled in order to satisfy them in terms of economic efficiency and profit, and even aim to exceed their expectations;

- organization and flexibility in approaching work and delivering services.

In this respect, one of the components of the company strategy is the implementation of a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015, certified by SRAC accredited by the RENAR .

We are a respected team on the shipyard platform in Tulcea, Romania, because we respect our promises both towards our beneficiaries and suppliers, treating all activities with seriousness.

We are proud that our work supports huge burden on the world's oceans