Pipes storage

SteelMarconstruct: Delivery of pipes to ships under construction or repair in the shipyardSteelMarconstruct: Delivery of pipes to ships under construction or repair in the shipyard

Pipes handling and delivery to ships under construction or repair in the shipyard.

Manipulating pipes from factory to warehouse, sorting them on ships, installations and areas. Delivery of piping to the ship using the equipment.

Also included in this activity is the recovery of the remaining pipes on the production blades after the blast blocks have entered and their return to the pipeline by means of a verbal processing and storage in a return zone, as well as the collection of the empty containers after the production sheet and their return In the warehouse to be filled. An important activity is also the recovery of duplicated pipes and the debris resulting from the modifications, the installation of the supports, which are brought into the warehouse and cut to recover to maximum efficiency, flanges, elbows, straight pipe bars all for refurbishment and use in Mounts. These measures are intended to reduce the consumption of material.

As productivity indicators, we mention that, respectively, in the pipe warehouse we work with 15 Tonnes / man / month; 2 tonne / man / month is produced in the manufacture of the supports; And at the assembly section work with 1Ton / man / month.

Vehicles and trolleys for handling pipes in ships under construction or repair on the shipyard with authorized cranes and certified load-bearing personnel shall be used.